Home Iftar Dinners 2019

It all starts with an invitation: come join us at a house you don’t know with people you’ve never met to enjoy a tradition you may have never heard of, and leave with a heart full of love and a new understanding for your fellow human beings. Such is the home Iftar tradition that AIS and many other organisations around the world work to promote. This year, AIS was privileged to host 34 home Iftars over 22 evenings with more than 140 guests, 70% of which were first time attendees. Each person left with a new understanding of life and a new appreciation for their fellow human beings.

Some reflections and testimonials from guests who attended the home iftar dinners in 2019:

“It is an excellent project to bring peoples of different backgrounds and cultures, and potentially views, together over dinner.  The warmth and hospitality of the Muslim community through this scheme is exemplary and shines through the difficulties that can shape the perceptions of other communities.

– John Fazarkeley

“The hospitality, the great conversations, our shared experiences of being migrants and the commonality of our cultures. We had a lot of laughs too which was great. The food was, of course, amazing.”

– Molina Asthana

“My husband and I had a wonderful evening, we were so touched by Fetih and Ruveyda’s hospitality…it was lovely to speak about world issues and learn about each other’s cultures and backgrounds over some delicious tea and pastries”  

-Nazanin Zadeh-Cummings

“Imagine inviting 6 strangers into your home to share dinner with your family… or arriving at a strangers house to share a meal… that ís how I spent my Wednesday night at a home Iftar dinner… the meal traditionally shared by Muslim families to break their fast after sunset during Ramadan. 

My deepest gratitude to Hamide & Emir Beytur and their little daughter Zahide for welcoming me and 5 other complete strangers into their home to share a meal… one of the most beautiful acts of kindness and trust… something we need to develop much more of in this World! 

We all left after several hours of sharing amazing food, great stories and laughter knowing a little more about each other and with such smiles on our face and warmth in our hearts. Be open to new experiences… you never know just how incredible they may can make you feel

Thank you to the Australian Intercultural Society for the wonder work they do organising the opportunity to take part in a home Iftar Dinners”

– Alischa Ross