Pandemic, Prayer & Positivity

On 16th September 2021 Australian Intercultural Society (AIS) hosted a discussion titled “Pandemic, Prayer & Positivity”.

The esteemed panelists for the event included Archbishop for the Archdiocese of Melbourne Most Reverend Peter Andrew Comensoli and Lecturer from the Centre for Islamic Studies and Civilisation at Charles Sturt University, Associate Professor Salih Yucel. The event was moderated by Makiz Ansari from Amity College.

The discussion spoke of the challenges that have impeded our ability to achieve our goals and the new challenges moving forward post lockdowns and how we remain steadfast in our respective faiths and belief in God during such uncertain times. Archbishop Comensoli and Associate Professor Yucel were also asked how their faith traditions viewed pandemics and the role of prayer and faith in building mental reliances.