Home Iftars; a yearly AIS tradition

Every year; AIS reaches out to Muslims families asking if they would like to host those who aren’t Muslim in their homes for an iftar dinner during Ramadan. We’re fortunate to know many generous families who take pride in making their best foods to honour their guests.

We have been running this initiative for over a decade. Participants’ feedback has indicated that these dinners not only facilitate understanding of the Islamic faith; but also enhance the Muslim community’s sense of belonging in Australian society.

Remarks from attendees

 ”It was a privilege & delight to share an iftar dinner with the Pullu family. Many thanks to AIS for the opportunity!”

 ”So many stories; so many laughs and so much food! It was such a privilege to have been invited.””

 ”I felt so privileged to attend my first iftar that I went to another. I was grateful for stunning food and company””

 ”I didn’t know what an iftar dinner was. Tonight was a great night; my first iftar dinner; at the home of an Olympics wrestler and his family. Thank you AIS for the invitation.”

”The iftar dinner program is a lovely initiative by AIS. It was a warm and interesting evening. There was such an amazing spread of food; and very kind of the host to cater for our mixed little vegan and vegetarian group. At my house; we’re still eating the baklava that the host sent me home with!””

”We enjoyed a wonderful meal and great company. It was a generous gesture for the hosts to welcome us into their home and we felt warmly welcomed.””

”It was a very enjoyable occasion for myself and my family; and a valuable opportunity to gain insight into Muslim traditions and appreciate we all share a common humanity.  All the children got on fabulously and didn’t want to leave.””

Thank you very much for organising the night. I really enjoyed the night and please pass on my thanks to the host family for their tremendous hospitality. My fiancée loves the Turkish delights they gave us.””

”Thanks for the photos and for the invitation to last night’s dinner.  What a lovely family!  And their hospitality was exceptional – I probably don’t need to eat until next week.””

Remarks from home iftar hosts

”If it weren’t for AIS; I would not have been able to host these people in my home.””

”Please let us know if we can host more people next year.””

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