University of Melbourne Eid Dinner 2022

Bringing people together to increase understanding is an essential part of the Australian Intercultural Society’s mission. These gatherings are underpinned by mutual respect in an atmosphere to learn from each other – see the many commonalities that exist between us and treat the differences as an opportunity to learn more about the greater world we live, learn from them and understand why they exist by putting yourself in their shoes.

The 2nd Eid event with the University of Melbourne held on 5th May 2022 , this time a formal dinner setting was an opportunity to bring the students studying there with some alumni, recalling the old hall looking somewhat different to what it was when they were students. The evening was special for so many, particularly the Muslim Students Society (MSS) as they felt embraced and accepted for who they are. It was good to have the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Prof Pip Nicholson be the MC for the event considering her instrumental role in making this gathering happen last year. The Provost Nicola Phillips was the official host for the evening and warmly welcomed everyone to the university.

We had some short speeches from the President of the MSS and the organisers of the Emu Sky Exhibition before young Aleyna mesmerised the audience with her spoken word about Eid. Michael Rowland reminded the audience that we are in a country that allows for freedoms to be practiced and Prof Sarah Biddulph remarked about diversity being an enabler for creative thinking. In the closing remarks Ahmet Keskin thanked the university for opening their home for the students and the guests to share in a celebration that’s important to the community. For more photos please visit our Facebook page