Luncheon with Andrew Colvin APM OAM

17 February 2016- Andrew Colvin is the current Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police and a Member of the Order of Australia. Facilitator for the event was Helen Kapalos former television presenter and current Victorian Multicultural Commission Chairperson. Over 100 guests attended including leaders and representatives from different organisations; government departments; consulates; faith groups; universities; schools and businesses; all stakeholders in the debate of cultural understanding. A special mention to the students from Sirius College who also were in attendance. Andrew spoke on the topic “social cohesion: A shared responsibility” Andrew said “We need to improve diversity and inclusiveness in our workforce to deal with the challenges of the future” and often the best work that police do is never reported by the media. It was a well-received talk followed by a short questions and answers session.

Speech transcript

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