A world in pain: AIS condemns recent attacks in Turkey; Lebanon; Paris and Nigeria

The Australian Intercultural Society expresses condolences for those affected by the attacks in Ankara; Beirut; Paris and Yola. We unequivocally condemn the attacks and instrumentalisation of religion. Such actions are disturbing; misguided and devastating to innocent people and potentially causing further division within already fractured countries.

As a faith-inspired and principle-centred organisation; AIS is committed to supporting those who strive for peace and harmony. We hope and pray that the peace-loving people of the world will stand together and condemn these senseless attacks and request global leaders to take the necessary actions to understand and stem the causes of violence.

As members of the global Hizmet service movement; we stand in solidarity with victims of all forms of violence and terrorism wherever they may be. The inspirational leader of the Hizmet Movement; Fethullah Gulen; issued the following remarks:

I strongly condemn the brutal terrorist attacks across Paris; France in the evening of Friday; November 13; that resulted in the deaths and dismemberment of hundreds of innocent people.

Every terrorist activity; no matter where they occur; is a blow to the peace and tranquility of humanity everywhere. These revolting acts of terrorism are attacks not only against people of France but against universal human values that we all share and against human solidarity.

On this occasion I reiterate my categorical condemnation of all forms of terror regardless of its perpetrators or their stated purposes. No terrorist activity can ever be condoned on any grounds.

I send my deep condolences to the victims’ families; loved ones and the people of France.

I pray that God leads all humanity to a world of peace and tranquility. I invite everyone to join me in this prayer and act in solidarity against all forms of terrorism and in the effort to establish peace around the world.

Fethullah Gulen is an Islamic scholar; preacher and social advocate; whose decades‐long commitment to interfaith tolerance and altruism has inspired millions in Turkey and around the world.