“Christianity, Hinduism & Islam at the Crossroads – Believing Communities in the Age of Secularism, Pluralism & Individualism”

On Monday 22 July 2019, AIS was fortunate enough to host Professor Francis X. Clooney from Harvard Divinity School. Clooney engaged with the topic of Christianity, Hinduism and Islam at the Crossroads”, which was based on religious communities and their role in a modern society which continues to become more and more secular.

Clooney brought with him a wealth of knowledge from studying Hinduism and Christianity for many years, as well as his experience as a Catholic priest. He emphasised that instead of retreating when faced with secularisation, religions should instead work together to share their traditions, values and common challenges. Together, Clooney states that Christianity, Hinduism and Islam have many similarities, and despite their differences, share a common interest in promoting interfaith and intercultural dialogue.

Clooney touched on the intricate topics of mystic theology, rebirth, and how to study so that we acknowledge other religious practices and history. Key topics such as secularisation, pluralism, individualism, and the new media, were all analysed within a religious framework of inclusion and sharing ideas on how we learn.

For more on this event please see the video and photos below.