Thalassaemia & Sickle Cell Awareness Seminar

The Thalassaemia & Sickle Cell Society of Australia and the AIS partnered to present a seminar re the effects of this strange but common blood disorder. The evening was filled with discussion, personal stories of family members who are still grappling with or have someone in their life affected by this problem.

Eugenia, a Thal minor explained her daily routine of getting blood infusion to help deal with her situation. She talked about her encounters with other people in the hospital with her condition and how they find strength from each other and from loved ones to keep moving forward. Robbin is the father of a young girl who has Thal minor. He talks about how her daughter’s condition has made him and his wife realise that it’s important to focus on realistic milestones for their daughter as her wellbeing is of prime importance. Although their daughter’s health situation is at the forefront of their mind they are giving her every opportunity to live out her life as anyone else. Theodore talked about the loss of one of his parents and the impact it has made on him and his outlook on life. Coming to terms with his parent’s loss, this reality has emboldened his demeanour on the life he wants to live by also being involved in awareness work.

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