President Trump: 4 more years?

Written by AIS intern – Dewirini Anggraeni

AIS organised a discussion entitled “President Trump: 4 more years?” on 5 March 2020 at the University of Melbourne. The discussion was moderated by Dr Leslie Cannold with the three panellists included Timothy Lynch, Associate Professor in American Politics and Associate Dean (International) in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Melbourne, Sara James, Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist and author, and Donald Betts Jr, a member of the Democratic Party who ran for the Kansas State House of Representatives.

The discussion started by the question from moderator about will President Trump likely continue to another 4 more years? Donald Betts answered that “Trump potentially will win the election and potentially receive another 4 years”. In fact, since the emerged of corona virus as a pandemic disease. The effect enlarged into the lack of policy within Trump administration, so, we have to look at the effort of President Trump in controlling and handling corona situation which give a bigger impact on the economy situation of the U.S.

The moderator continued the discussion about Corona virus issue. She said “Corona virus is one the best discussion on Trump administration and now, the impact is big on the economic and the public policy. On the other hand, there is a large discussion about families spending a lot of money for Trump campaign and there are many lists about how that scaling us. What is the implication might be seen from this phenomenon?”.  Sara explained “After the whole situation, there is a challenge for us, what is the meaning of democracy, it can be an idea, a set of nuances, we need to have free and fair election. And we want to keep the democracy healthy. As the journalist, we want to report the fact and we do need to pay attention on what happen”. Next question by the moderator, “Are you worry about another 4 years?” Tim pinpointed that he is not worry about it, but he concerns in some cases. He said “Under political stories, Trump being remarkably ordinary and see the tax got through and his administration led not really urge to revolution. He is a perfect successor for Obama. It’s not his behaviour, but, its conspiracy and democracy, he is too agistatical, I don’t think it would be about what he commits, but, what he has done in American’s democracy?”. In addition to this, Donald described “What he (Trump) actually has done to the American democracy? As American Australian, to Trump credit, he never runs from any office. And he always got his style and, in any aspect, included democracy, building the wall and how he handled Mexico refugees and family domestic violence. A lot of that Trump at the stage, as the president, he has to be an example. Unlike President Obama, he left office without many scandals. He even worked hard on the recovery of global financial crisis. He tried to build back from more than 10 percent unemployment and decrease it to less than 10 percent of unemployment. That is how make America greater”.

The moderator requested the audience to think together about fascinating election in the U.S. It followed by the next question for panellists about what is the impact of the democracy, whether Trump will be making any differences? And what lesson learned we can take from it? Donald answered “In sustaining democracy in the U.S., people should have access and have right to vote. It’s about democracy, we have to give people the right to vote and it’s their voice. Democracy will work no matter who is in the office”.

Then the moderator asked to Sara, “Do you think we need to be worry about the democracy process going on? Sara explained people broke up the change and there is big debate that people feeling to see power. “All the power is in the hands. People making comments about the judge. What’s new? And we need to pay attention that there is enormous income in the quality of the U.S. For example, in Artificial Intelligent (AI). It gives impact and we have people. This is also shown that you (audience) come here because you are not only concern about Australia but also America. The U.S. system is not concern with executive power and legislative power. It is more concern on the people power. We don’t forget the American constitution to rule people and its not to destroy people. The discussion finished with the comment from each panel about the differences between the U.S. and Australian policy. 

For more information on the panel, see the video and photos below.