3rd One World Cup

During Harmony Week, the AIS along with its partners the Advocates for Dignity, Sirius College and Football Victoria staged its 3rd One World Cup. The tournament is a small step in ‘Celebrating Humanity and Strengthening Harmony’ through football.

The event was held at Keilor Park SC fields in a round robin, football 5’s style tournament. Being able to attract the diverse multicultural community was a feature of the day, where participants with different stories and pathways into Australia relished the opportunity to play the game they love and share their stories with others.

The key message the organisers wanted to impart was that sport plays a role in the social development of an individual, giving them confidence to tackle future issues and be aware of the social challenges we collectively face. It was also an opportunity to learn from each other about how to work both individually and collectively to make society a better one – that is accepting of diversity and respectful of each other. Many of the participants were making new friends on the day with some committing themselves to making a positive difference towards those around them.